An Easy Golden Milk Recipe with Turmeric, Honey and Cinnamon

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golden milk

No matter the time of year, you can catch a cold or your immune system can be compromised to the point where you are not functioning at your best. This is where golden milk comes in. It is a turmeric-infused drink that supports your body’s defense against diseases. Golden milk  can be a tasty addition to your diet, so that you can be the best you all year long!

Turmeric is a plant that has been used for nearly 4,000 years for both medicinal and culinary purposes. It boasts a bold yellow color and a peppery, warm, slightly bitter flavor. It has also been used as clothing dye and in religious ceremonies in Southeast Asia. Medicinally, turmeric is an all-purpose herb! It is used to treat arthritis, skin cancer, chicken pox, woods, UTIs, liver problems, loss of appetite, inflammation…

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